So who controlled British Intelligence? The Rothschilds. Unless you think Victor Rothschild worked for British Intelligence out of love of King and country LOL. They were usually more subtle and hid in the shadows.

Communism and Zionism were both creations of Rothschild family through their control of British intelligence.

The Bolsheviks were full of Jews especially the enforcement wing where they were close to 75%. The chance for revenge for past slights was too tempting for them to pass up. They are as human as everyone else and they fall for the same manipulations. Recent events have proven that beyond any doubt. 90% of the adults over 20 in Israel took the first 2 shots, 80% took the third and 50% took the fourth. For a group that fancies themselves "the master race" that ain't very masterful. Pretty average.


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What was happening in Russia (and Germany and China and Japan) that was such a threat to Great Britain that the British knew they had to destroy Russia (and Germany and China and Japan) in order to preserve the British Empire?

The answer: RAILROADS and The American System of Political Economy.

The British Empire was based upon domination and control of the High Seas and strategic choke points between those Seas, like the Suez Canal.

The advent of the Steam Locomotive and cross-country railway tracks was an existential threat to Britain’s domination of global trade through its extensive colonial possessions.

The American System of Political Economy being adopted by Britain’s major competitors was an existential threat to the British System of Imperialism & Colonialism.

History of Globalism: The American System of Political Economy Vs The British System of Political Economy


The “Global” American System of Political Economy:

Russia, Germany, China, Japan, Ireland


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The evolution of the British quest for a One World Global Empire, from John Ruskin to Cecil Rhodes to Lord Milner’s Round Table Group to William Yandell Elliott to Henry Kissinger to Klaus Schwab.

The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program


Sir Henry Kissinger: Midwife to New Babylon


William Yandell Elliott


William Yandell Elliott: Confederate high priest


Kissinger and ‘Zbig’: Two Students of One Southern-Fried Fascist


The Origins of the Deep State in North America Part I: The Round Table Movement


New Revelations Shed Light on the British Roots of the Deep State


William Pritting Substack:


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What is Communism?

Communism is a totalitarian system where all the means of production are controlled by the ruling elites, the economy, politics and society, are all under the absolute power of the elites and all citizens are regarded as slaves, and the purpose of the slaves is to work and to transfer their wealth, health and life energy to the parasites at the top of the pyramid.

Communism is a monarchy system.

Communism is the Money Monopoly under privately owned central banks that has enslaved all of humanity today under the Central Banks Cartel.

Communism is the Monopoly Capitalism system of "free trade" and globalization of Neoliberalism, which is code for the biggest and the richest have the right to monopolize everything and takes it all.

I have come to believe that Communism is simply a re-expression of the Crown Monarchy System, and is in fact modeled almost perfectly on the absolute monarchy of the Vatican, which is the world's oldest surviving absolute monarchy, and arguably the perpetrator of the evils of totalitarianism that comes with the monarchy system.

Once you strip away the fictions of morality and goodness as foisted on the populations with the organized religions then you have the beast of the State as described in Hobbes 1651 work Leviathan, where Might is Right, and what the State says is law.

Substitute Crown for State, and you have the Crown Monarchy System. Communism is simply a re-expression of this totalitarian model, which from the start allowed the pyschopaths to rule, and to kill off pesky morality loving Christians, and morality loving Jews. While Lenin passed the first anti-Semitic laws, as soon as the religious Jews started making it clear that they didn't like communism, the Bolsheviks killed them too. It wasn't an act of anti-Semitism, it was an evil act attacking their opponents.

Communism was created by the British and Roman Empire Zionist elites in order to create a new paradigm to spread terror and totalitarianism, to take down Russia, and take down China, and use it throughout the 20th-21st centuries for the Cold War Charades, to squeeze nations and increase totalitarianism, while asset stripping along the way. It was created because the educated masses of the western world were barking to stop with the Fascism of our own monarchies, and the Roman Catholic Church. Communism was created because their 2,000+ year old formula of using the Crown Monarchy System with their 'mandates from god ' using following formula was not doing the job of creating a World (totalitarian) Government.

1. Physical force - the rule of Might is Right and Endless War

2. Religion - as an opiate for the masses, and claiming the right from god to wage war

3. Banking and Usury - used to strip the wealth from nations

If we are truly honest we see that all of the monarchies of the western nations are all inter-related and track their families back to Rome, the Roman Imperial Cult, and many of them can track their family lines back to Zion, and indeed the historian Robert Sepehrs work makes clear that many of the 'lost tribes of Israel' and Persia migrated across the world and became the ruling families of the western world and Russia. The symbol of the Lion of Judah is one very common denominator. They are all related.

These monarchial families have been fighting it out for thousands of years, using the King of Kings doctrine, which dates back hundreds of thousands of years according to the Sumerian texts to the Annunaki sky-gods, which claimed they created mankind as a race of slaves to serve their kings, and established a world monarchial system, a one world order, which Plato tells us was the Atlanteans, before the Great Flood wiped it out.

There is one faction of the ruling elites of the Roman Empire, which have spread their power and influence far and wide across the earth in their World Government Quest - a one world government, often called the New World Order, but also known as World Communism - and this cabal is clearly made up of those who are cooperating in all ways at the global level as one team- Monarchies, Bankers, and Billionaires.

We are ruled by Evil - and that Evil is the Roman Empire Cartel that is waging war on humanity in multiple ways, creating Chaos, Conflicts and Catastrophe, and the 2 dominant economic paradigms that control the lives of almost every human on the planet are the Money Monopoly and Monopoly Capitalism, which was invented in Europe, and perfected by the British ruling elites, with international banking, central banks, and their cartel of multinationals known as the World Economic Forum, and all of this power is behind the Neo-Monarchy of the United Nations, which through their blueprint for Communism, which is the Sustainable Development Goals, which not only spreads poverty far and wide, but aims to grab control over all mankind and all of the planet, so it is really the Communist Development Goals - this is the Evil that is breaking the world apart as we watch.

Our own western elites.

Who not content with their extraordinary wealth and privilege, most of it gained by rape, pillage and plunder, they want to TAKE IT ALL, and kill off a few billion of useless eaters while they do it.

This Evil is the Crown Monarchy System.

Communism is a Monarchy invention.

Until mankind wakes up to the true Origins of Man, that we all come from the same source, the same DNA, no matter which theory you believe in, meaning NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO RULE BY BIRTH, and we all say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and put an end to the Monarchy system and its evils forever, then we will continue to be assaulted by these psychopaths.

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So if anyone sane survives what's coming, and remains same, attempts to teach any children a true history of how this all happened and how to prevent it happening again, how would one begin to complile " the facts"?

My faith in history went with my faith in humanity back in 2021 when the majority chose convenience over tyranny and turned on their own kin.

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My Substack has a comprehensive detailing of the true World & US history.

The underlying premise of most historical events can be summarized as a struggle between those who seek a One-World Global Empire and those who seek to live within independent sovereign nation-states.

Modern history began when a group of Roman aristocratic families fled Rome to escape the approaching Germanic tribes from the north, and found refuge in the swampy marshes of the northwest Adriatic Sea in an area known as Venice.

These Venetian families built a seafaring and banking empire around northern Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean Sea. When Constantinople fell to the Muslim Ottoman Turks in 1453, thereby cutting off the lucrative Silk Road trade route to Asia, the Venetian Oligarchy knew they had to move their base of trade operations from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. First they moved their base from Venice to Amsterdam, then to London…..

Who Are The Globalist Fascist Oligarchy?


The Venetian Takeover of England


The Anglo-American Pilgrims Society (1902)


The British Oligarchy’s Fourth War on America


William Pritting Substack:


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Hi William

- thanks for all your links.

Looking forward to reading them and your page.

I actually believe that the real cartel goes back a lot farther, but in terms of Rome, it dates at least as far back to the assassination of Julius Caesar - 71 senators murdered him. Why? Because after he returned to Rome he saw that usury was out of control, the elites were pillaging the wealth of the common people and impoverishing them. He reeled it in, because he knew for a strong empire he needed a base of strong people, and his reward was to be murdered.

Fast forward to when the Roman Catholic Church took power. And not only did they weaken the Roman Empire by declaring only Christianity was to be worshipped, driving out the Jews and the Polytheists, murdering many of them, and burning the great library of Alexandria, and literally destroying the pursuit of knowledge and development of technology that had helped make the Roman Empire the greatest force on earth, but the Church convinced the emperor to make tithing mandatory, and between the Roman Church's tithing, and the banking practices that ran out of control, by the time the empire fell in 486, the Church and 2,000 families owned all the wealth on the Italian peninsular, and everyone else was in poverty or a slave.

It is my theory this is why the empire fell. They gutted it from the inside. You can't have a strong and healthy nation or empire if everyone falls into poverty and slavery due to the predations of the elites.

Some of the elites escaped to Venice and carried on as you say.

But the true power that endured throughout the millennium has been control of the Vatican and the Church, and it is the Roman Imperial Cult, the elite families of Rome, which would include the Venetians, that made up the families who put the pope on the throne. The Crown Monarchy System, which is the basis of their claim to rule, and it is the king of kings doctrine that tracks back hundreds of thousands of years, past Babylon, past the Sumer Empire all the way to the Annunaki that created it, which is the true evil, the right to rule by might is right, and the quest to create a one world monarchy -

Remember Rome, the Vatican, claims absolute right over all humanity and all of the planet. But this doctrine goes back hundreds of thousands of years. It is the doctrine of the Crown Monarchy System - and all of the ancient empires carry the same doctrine.

What is interesting is that all of the struggling empires throughout history relied on 2 great factors - brute force and war, and religion. But the Roman Catholic Church empire, which is the true World Government Alliance attacking humanity today, added the banking and usury to their portfolio, and so they are not just waging war on nations for resources but they are systematically asset stripping the wealth with the Central Banks Cartel, debt and usury.

Which is why the world is such a mess.

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"It is my theory this is why the empire fell. They gutted it from the inside. You can't have a strong and healthy nation or empire if everyone falls into poverty and slavery due to the predations of the elites."

Sound like any other 'Empire' in the Western Hemisphere?

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Exactly. My take on it is that the ruling cabal behind this evil today decided thousands of years ago that the best way to maintain power is absolute poverty for the masses, and absolute luxury for them. So they gut everything. I believe that what made the Roman Empire so successful was

1. Religious tolerance - polytheism

2. Meritocracy - there was always a value on self-improvement, even slaves had a path to freedom and a better life, which the legions gave to many as well.

3. The pursuit of excellence and truth - which was the basis of Roman education and the development of technology that they used in their wars!!

After Rome fell to "Christianity" all of this was destroyed.

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Winston Churchill was an Imperialist and a Colonist, and most undeserving of anyone’s admiration or respect!

The idea for the UN actually began with FDR. His goal for the UN was to abolish imperialism and colonialism, and to use the IMF and World Bank to assist former colonies to make investments in domestic infrastructure and develop domestic industries. Then FDR died (assassinated?) unexpectedly at the age of 63, Churchill got his clutches into Truman, and the British Globalist Fascist Oligarchy have ruled the world ever since. Well, not quite the entire world. They’re still trying their damnedest to conquer Russia.

Who Killed FDR?


FDR vs. Churchill -- The American System Against the British Empire

The Other War:

FDR's Battle Against Churchill and the British Empire


Roosevelt's `Grand Strategy' to Rid the World of British Colonialism: 1941-1945


Watch the documentary: “1932”


Roosevelt's intended purpose for the U.N. was clear, as he discussed it with (his son) Elliott:

``The Big Four--ourselves, Britain, China, and the Soviet Union--we'll be responsible for the peace of the world after.... When we've won the war.... It is already hightime for us to be thinking of the future, building for it. France, for example. France will have to take its rightful place in that organization. These great powers will have to assume the task of bringing education, raising the standards of living, improving health conditions--of all the backward, depressed colonial areas of the world.''

Roosevelt had wanted to schedule a trip to England and talk directly to the British people,

``on the need for Britain to put its hopes of the future in the United Nations ... and not just the British Empire and the British ability to get other countries to combine in some sort of bloc against the Soviet Union,''

reports Louis, in his book The Transfer of Power in Africa.

With Truman as President, instead of Roosevelt, the British had little to fear. At the San Francisco meeting, previous American determination to rid the world of colonialism and its imperialist economics, ``shifted gradually from one of dismantling the British Empire to one of giving it tacit support.'' Under Truman, ``the fire of anti-colonialism burned much less brightly within the United States government,'' Louis observed.

As a result of the pro-British policies of Truman, the United States effectively turned its back on the world. The promise of Roosevelt's grand strategy to rid the world of ``18th century methods'' was never kept, and civilization has suffered greatly. The abhorrent conditions of life in Africa today, the backwardness that exists in Asia, India, and elsewhere, the suffering of billions of people on this planet, are all the direct result of the change from Roosevelt's anti-colonial policy to Truman's acquiescence to the British Empire.

The United States under Truman turned its back on Roosevelt's former allies. This view was confirmed by Elliott Roosevelt after the death of his father. He laments the broken promises that had been made by Roosevelt to the Chinese and Russians. After the war he said, ``The first warships to enter Chinese ports were British warships.... Faced with a broken American promise, Chiang in turn broke his.''

Concerning Indochina he said:

``How often Father maintained that this colony, liberated in main part by American arms and American troops, should never be simply handed back to the French, to be milked by their imperialists as had been the case for decades. Yet when the British Colonial troops marched in, they took with them French troops and French administrators.''

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"Who Killed FDR?" - The Churchill gang. The Fletcher Prouty book I think

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Well shut my mouth.

word search: "Hanfstaengl"

But there is much more in the book, certainly worth a close look.


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"Strange though it may appear, being sovereign and conservative to the core at home, England always tended to patronize the most demagogic strivings in its foreign relationships, steadily encouraging every popular movement intended to weaken sovereign terms."

-- Report of Durnovo N. P. to Nicolas II, the Emperor. February 1914



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Interesting to see your other articles. It appears you think the ‘British’ invented not only Communism but Colour Revolutions, George Soros and Globalism. How conveniently simple!

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thank you

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